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PACE™ SNP Genotyping Assays

Cost-effective genotyping assays for low- to high-throughput experiments.

PACE (PCR Allele Competitive Extension) SNP genotyping assays are well-suited for projects that require a reliable, cost-effective approach for SNP and indel identification.


  • PACE is suitable for high-volume projects, such as plant breeding research [1,2]
  • IDT and 3CR Bioscience (UK) have partnered to provide an assay and master mix for your genotyping needs

Learn more about how PACE technology works.

Assays (Allele-specific forward and common reverse primers)

  1. Step 1—have us design your primers. Contact IDT at and provide your SNP coordinates or sequences with identified SNPs. IDT works directly with 3CR, the originators of the PACE assay, to design the primers.
  2. Step 2—send us your primer designs for synthesis. Order the allele-specific forward and common reverse primers by sending your order details to

Genotyping Master Mix

Order the PACE Genotyping Master Mix from 3CR by going to

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