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xGen™ NGS RNA Library Preparation 

Research on differential gene expression, novel fusion genes, or alternative splicing patterns involves decoding cellular RNA. The IDT xGen NGS RNA Library Preparation Kits provide comprehensive data from simple workflows to help you make the next discovery.

xGen NGS—made versatile.


RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) is a powerful tool with a multitude of applications, including:

  • Gene expression profiling
  • Whole transcriptome research
  • Alternative splicing isoform identification
  • Rare and novel transcript discovery
  • Research on gene fusions, isoforms, and structural variants
  • Allele-specific expression studies
  • Research on disease-associated SNVs
  • Total RNA + hybridization capture enrichment experiments

RNA-Seq has facilitated transcriptomics, which is defined as the study of the entire complement of RNA in a sample. Sequencing RNA provides a snapshot of the genes are expressed within a particular tissue, cell type, or even a single cell. Environmental changes that affect the whole organism or even the microenvironment of a single cell induce genes to turn on and off in response. Researching changes in gene expression provides a wealth of information that facilitates a better understanding of genomics, cellular regulation, and overall function of an organism.

RNA-Seq strategies use NGS technology to understand the transcriptome and provide a way to identify novel gene expression patterns, new alternately spliced transcripts, and/or tissue-specific alleles for genes. Traditional approaches such as real-time reverse-transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR) or microarrays are limited to known genes and smaller datasets. Whole transcriptome sequencing provides the big picture, but RNA-Seq can also be used on subsets of genes. The addition of either a predesigned panel such as the xGen Whole Exome Hyb Capture Panel, or the xGen Custom Hyb Panel separates the relevant transcripts from the rest. Using a hybridization capture enrichment strategy increases flexibility in experimental designs.

RNA-Seq starts with library preparation, and IDT offers a variety of tools for studying gene expression and genotyping, including:

For low inputs (~100 pg mRNA or ~10 ng total RNA), deepen your rare and novel transcript discovery with the xGen Broad-Range RNA Library Prep Kit. Benefit from high mapping rates, more genes and transcripts detected, and consistent function across a broad range of inputs.

For higher inputs (>5 ng mRNA or >100 ng total RNA), accelerate your gene expression profiling studies with the xGen RNA Library Kit. Benefit from an expedited ~3.5-hour workflow, consistent function across inputs, and reduced costs per library prep.