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xGen Lockdown Panels

xGen Lockdown Panels are stocked enrichment panels for targeted next generation sequencing. The panels consist of individually synthesized and quality-controlled xGen Lockdown Probes that have been validated to provide the highest level of performance.

xGen Exome Research Panel »

Exome capture panel manufactured using GMP standards targeting 19,396 genes for comprehensive, uniform coverage of human coding regions.

xGen Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cancer Panel »

Predesigned panel targeting >260 genes associated with AML for more efficient detection of disease-causing mutations.

xGen Pan-Cancer Panel »

Predesigned panel that captures 127 significantly mutated genes implicated across 12 tumor types for deeper sequencing coverage.

xGen Inherited Diseases Panel »

Predesigned panel for targeted enrichment of genes and SNPs associated with inherited diseases.

xGen Human ID Research Panel »

Predesigned spike-in panel for targeted enrichment of a definitive set of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) selected to identify a unique individual from a population of over 5 million biological samples.

xGen Human mtDNA Research Panel »

Predesigned spike-in panel for cost-effective and accurate detection of sequence variants in mitochondrial DNA.

xGen CNV Backbone Panel—Tech Access »

Predesigned spike-in panel that can be used to identify copy number variations in human NGS data.