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xGen Stubby Adapter and Unique Dual Index Primer Pairs

Single-use, TA-ligation-ready, stubby Y adapter and indexing primers

Ensure maximum accuracy in your NGS reads with xGen Stubby Adapter and Unique Dual Indexing (UDI) Primer Pairs. A convenient indexing option for a variety of applications from whole-genome to targeted sequencing, the kit provides adapters and unique i5 and i7 primer pairs, compatible with TruSeq™-compatible library prep for sequencing on Illumina instruments.

  • NGS quality control—IDT is unmatched in the industry
  • UDIs—the current standard for data accuracy and confidence
  • Ready to use—stubby Y adapter and indexing primers designed for TA-ligation libraries
  • Easy to get—pre-configured and ready to ship

xGen Stubby Adapter and UDI Primer Pairs are designed for TA-ligation libraries, such as libraries created using the Lotus DNA Library Prep Kit. The xGen Stubby Adapter is a short Y adapter that can be ligated to fragments with A overhangs generated during library prep. Indexing primers containing unique i5 and i7 indexes as well as P5 and P7 sequences are added to the library via PCR amplification.

The kit contains the stubby adapter and indexing primer pairs with 8 base i5 and i7 indexes. Unique dual indexes (UDIs) enable identification of misassigned reads, so these can be filtered during data analysis to improve accuracy. Adapters and indexing primers are also sold separately.

Figure 1. xGen Stubby Adapter and UDI Primer Pairs

Sample index length8 base non-redundant sample indexes
Number of indexes16 or 96 unique dual indexes (UDIs) per kit
Concentration15 µM (Stubby Adapter), 20 µM total (10 µM each Primer)
Shipping container Tubes (Stubby Adapter), 96-well plates (UDI Primer Pairs)
Reactions per well1 reaction per primer pair
Adapter modifications Methylated for bisulfite sequencing*
QC and quantification NGS
Illumina platform compatibility2- and 4-color platforms

* For bisulfite sequencing, see our FAQ for additional information.

Shipping and storage

  • Ships on dry ice
  • Turnaround time: should ship within 1 business day
  • Storage temperature: –20°C
Figure 2. xGen Stubby Adapter and UDI Primer Pairs are scalable for targeted sequencing. A Lotus DNA library was created from 100 ng of human genomic DNA (Coriell) using xGen Stubby Adapter, PCR amplified with UDI primer pairs, and enriched using the xGen Exome Research Panel. The data shows deep, uniform coverage with a flanked on-target rate of 90.2% and a duplication rate of 5.3% (calculated with Picard).

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